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Looking for books?  Electronics?  Something for the baby?  Toys for the kids?  Have a look around the General Store.  There's a new way to shop at BlackDog.  You can either search for the specific item you want or browse by category.  This is the gateway to all kinds of things.  Click here to start shopping.  Below you will find some of the specific things and stores that BlackDog uses and enjoys.
  Personalize your mail!

Whether you have a wedding to announce, a new baby in the family or a photogenic pet, PhotoStamps are a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to everything you send in the mail!  With PhotoStamps you can turn your own digital photos into real US postage.  Create yours today.

Always looking for some way to make a quick note on your computer?  This program is the answer!  Buy StickyNote 9.  StickyNote lets you create beautiful photo-realistic 3D notes on your virtual desktop.  Very handy, and very cool looking.

Try BlackDog's favorite word game. - Flip Words

Delta_Logo_88x31 Going somewhere?  Delta is a great airline and it goes where you want to go at a great price.  This is the airline BlackDog uses to travel around.  Be sure to sign up for the weekly fare sales!  Buy your ticket at and earn Bonus Miles

Save your data!  Have you ever lost valuable information in a computer crash?  Deleted something really important by mistake?  Don't let it happen to you!  Make an exact copy of your computer's hard drive with Acronis True Image PC Backup & Recovery.  BlackDog does this once a week, every week, and before installing any new program.  This program is very easy to use.  Where does BlackDog back up everything?  To a Western Digital Passport 500 GB Portable Hard Drive.  This system works perfectly!  Just plug it in and hook the drive to your computer with the USB cable that comes with the drive.  No worries!

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Where do all the photos on BlackDog come from?  BlackDog's digital cameras.  Where did they come from?  J&R Computer and Music World.  Check out the J&R Deal of the Week: Digital Cameras.

In addition to cameras, they have just about everything you need at J&R.  Computer software, office equipment, audio equipment, music, movies, you name it.  Do a search for what you're looking for in the box on the right.

Planning a special party?  Don't miss these books:

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