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Protect Your Kids On The Net

Below are links to internet security sites with software designed to help parents monitor activity on the internet.  These links are provided for informational purposes only.  BlackDog does not like one program over any other.

Click the paw-print buttons to reach each link.  A new web browser window should open.  To return to BlackDog, close the new browser window.
Internet Access Filters
Click to visit this site Cyber Patrol

Provides parents, teachers, day care professionals - anyone who is responsible for children's access to the Internet - with the tools they will need to get a handle on an area which can be very dangerous for kids.

Click to visit this site Cyber Snoop

Cyber Snoop is a monitoring software product which allows parents, educators, and employers to supervise Internet use and to protect themselves and their users from common dangers and abuses.

Click to visit this site CYBERsitter

CYBERsitter gives parents the ability to limit their children's access to objectionable material on the Internet. Parents can choose to block, block and log, or simply alert them when access is attempted to these areas. Password protected, CYBERsitter is easy to deactivate or reconfigure by the parent, and virtually impossible for the child to detect or defeat.

Click to visit this site Net Nanny

Net Nanny allows you to monitor, screen and block access to anything residing on, or running in, out or through your PC, online or off.  It's two-way screening in real-time. You determine what is screened with the help of a site list which can be downloaded free. Net Nanny allows you to deal with:  WWW URLs, News Groups, IRC Channels, FTPs, E-mail, Non-Internet BBSs, Words, Phrases, Personal Information (address, credit card no. etc.) It's a complete Internet and PC management tool.  Runs with all the major online providers too.

Click to visit this site MoM

MoM is a new program you can download and try for free. At home or in the office - on or off the world wide web, use MoM to check-up on what your computer is really used for and to keep an automatic "backup" of the web pages, programs, and documents as they appeared on your screen. MoM may also be set to frustrate someone if they bring up "blocked" www sites on YOUR computer, such as XXX sites.  The full-feature version costs $29.99 (license fee as of 2009) and is packed with options.

Click to visit this site Neighborhood Predator Alert

This is not an internet security program.  Rather, from this website, you can learn who are the dangrous people in your neighborhood.  Since Megan's law was passed it is required by law for all sexual offenders to register with their local police department.  Unfortunately, budgetary restraints make it almost impossible for this vital information to be passed out to each parent in every community.  The National Alert Registry (NAR) was designed to bring this information directly to you.  By conducting a zip code search you can learn whether a sexual offender has moved into your community.  The free service tells you how many are in your area; the complete pay service provides you with complete profiles of the sexual offenders.


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