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Happy Birthday!

There are four Birthday screen savers.  All are unique, cool, and free.  No matter which of BlackDog's original birthday screen savers you pick, they're fun to watch.  Hey -- try them all! 

Directions on how to install and uninstall your screen savers are set out below.  If you haven't already, please read the Terms of Use for the free screen savers.

Kids - You must have permission from an adult before downloading anything from the internet!

Watch the years fly by with BlackDog's Birthday Stars screensaver.  It's mesmerizing! The download file size is about 477 kb. BlackDog's Birthday Graffiti screensaver is very cool.  A paint brush cleans off the birthday graffiti, but it keeps on coming back!  Large download - about 3.56 mb.
Birthday Stars
Click me to download the Birthday Stars Sceen Saver
Birthday Graffiti
Click to download the Birthday Graffiti Sceen Saver
BlackDog's Birthday Splat and Birthday Bounce screensavers have a blue-stripe background and feature pretty funny-looking flower-shaped cookies.  Both are original and both are very cool to watch.  Each download is about 427 kb.
Birthday Splat
Click me to download the Birthday Splat Sceen Saver
Birthday Bounce
Click me to download the Birthday Bounce Sceen Saver

To run these screen savers you will need:
Windows operating systems only
16bit HiColor color display (minimum)
16 mb RAM

The Birthday Graffiti screensaver has matching computer wallpaper

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How to Download, Install and Uninstall your Screen Saver:

To download the screen saver, click the picture of the birthday screen saver to download the file to your computer.  Don't forget where you download the file!

To install the screen saver, after the file has completely downloaded to your computer, double click the file name.  The screen saver will automatically install itself.  There are no hidden programs, toolbars, viruses, or anything else, being install with these, or any other BlackDog screen saver.

To uninstall the screen saver, navigate to "My Computer," then "Control Panel," then "Add/Remove Programs."  Find the name of the screen saver, highlight it and click "Remove."  Or, follow your own computer's operating system instructions for how to uninstall a program.

Trouble downloading?  Make sure you aren't in frames from somebody else's site or behind a firewall.  The screen savers are set up so that they must be downloaded from BlackDog's site only.

Worried about viruses?  The files you download from BlackDog have been tested before being offered to the public to make sure they do not have a virus.  If you have a screen saver that you believe contains a virus of some kind, you did not download the file from this site.

Important!  These screen savers are free to use on your personal computer only.  You may not email them to your friends or distribute them from your own web site, or anywhere else, by any method or means.  If you do that, people won't come to BlackDog's site to get their own screen saver, the banner ads that pay for everything won't be displayed, and BlackDog won't be able to keep giving away things for free.  If you want to share the screen savers with other people, please use the "Share BlackDog with a Friend" link above to send the url of this web page to your friends.  Your friends can download the screen savers from BlackDog just as easily as you can.  Thanks for being considerate.

Terms of Use for the free screen savers:
  1. Do not post these screen savers on any other website, newsgroup, or FTP for people to download.  If you do, people won't come to visit BlackDog themselves, the banner ads that pay for everything won't be displayed, and BlackDog won't be able to afford to give things away anymore.
  2. Please don't download the screen saver and then email the file to all your friends, either -- for the same reason.  Just give your friends the url of this web page and they can download it themselves just as easily as you can email it to them.
  3. Please do not link directly to the screen saver downloads on BlackDog from your web site.  Again, just put the link to this web page, please.  In addition to cutting off our only income, when you do that it ties up our server, slows everything down, costs lots of money in bandwidth fees, and makes BlackDog very, very unhappy.  (BlackDog changes the names of things frequently to make sure people don't do it, too.)
  4. Kids - Always get permission from your folks before downloading anything from the internet!
Thanks for being considerate.

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