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BlackDog's Antique Thanksgiving Postcards 
Screen SaverAntique Thanksgiving Postcards Screen Saver

BlackDog's Antique Thanksgiving Postcards Screen Saver contains 30 beautiful antique Thanksgiving post cards images from our own collection, plus lots of cool options that you can change as much as you want, including a "sticky note" feature and wallpaper control that sits quietly in your system tray until you're ready to change your desktop wallpaper.  Download the trial version to check it out! 

Click the animated image above or here to download the screen saver now.  Install it and enjoy for a 3-day trial period.  The trial screen saver is fully functional but will display only 15 images and play only one music selection.  When you purchase the screen saver, you will receive a registration code that will allow you to see all 30 images and hear all 9 music selections as long as you like.  Only $4.99.  Click the "Buy Now" button for your registration code.
  • Wallpaper Control - Manage all your computer desktop wallpaper with the included wallpaper control.  The control sits quietly in your system tray until you're ready to make a change.  You set the wallpaper to change automatically at various hourly intervals, each time you boot up your system, or change it manually when you feel like a change.
  • Sticky Note Reminder - When you turn on this cool feature, a yellow sticky note flies across your screen when your screen saver is running.  Remind youself of important things -- change it as you like or turn it off completely from the screen saver settings.
  • Snowing effect - Snow flies gently or furiously when you turn on this option.
  • "Old-timey" sepia color effect - A great look for these antique postcards!
  • Music - Enjoy nine different soothing music selections.  Yes, you can mute the music!
Installation and Uninstallation Instructions & Screen Saver Rules/Information

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BlackDog's Screen Saver Rules and Information:
  1. Kids - Always get permission from a responsible adult before downloading anything from the internet!
  2. To run this screen saver you will need:
    Windows 95+ operating system
    256 color display (minimum)
    16 mb RAM
  3. To install the screen saver, double click the file name after it has completely downloaded to your computer.  Be sure to remember where you save the file!  You will not be able to install the screen saver from its internet location.
  4. To uninstall the screen saver, click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop, then "Control Panel," then "Add/Remove Programs."  Find the name of the screen saver, highlight it and click "Remove."  Or, follow your own computer's instructions for uninstalling programs.
  5. Viruses?  The screen saver files on BlackDog have been scanned for viruses and are virus-free.  If you think you got a computer virus from one of BlackDog's screen savers, you did not download the file from this site.
  6. Cost?  Most of the screen savers on BlackDog are free.  The screen savers with a fee, such as this one, cost a large amount of money to produce.  The small price of screen savers supplements income from the banner advertisements and helps pay for everything on BlackDog.  These files are marked with a "$" sign.
  7. Rules
    1. Do not post these screen savers on any other website, newsgroup, or FTP for people to download.  If you do, people won't come to visit BlackDog themselves, the banner ads that pay for everything won't be displayed, and BlackDog won't be able to afford to give things away anymore.
    2. Do not download the screen saver and then email the file to all your friends -- for the same reason.  Just give your friends the url of this web page and they can download it themselves just as easily as you can email it to them.
    3. Do not link directly to the screen saver downloads on BlackDog from your web site.  Again, put the link to this web page, please.  In addition to cutting off BlackDog's income, when you do that it ties up our server, slows everything down, and makes BlackDog very unhappy.  (BlackDog changes the names of things frequently to make sure people don't do it, too.)
  8. Download the Antique Thanksgiving Postcards Screen Saver (15 images - 3.5 mb) from here.  The file is named "antique-pcards01.exe" in case you forget.  This version will automatically expire after 7 days.
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