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Morro Bay, California Computer Desktop Wallpaper
Morro Bay, California

Morro Bay is a small, ocean-side town with a really big rock out in the bay.  There are 50 original images for you to use for your computer desktop wallpaper.  Because there are so many of them, they're spread out over 2 web pages.  To see all of the pictures, and choose your wallpaper image, click the links to the web pages set out below.

When you decide which wallpaper image you like best, download the correct image size for your computer's screen resolution - the links are shown under each of the small images.  If your screen resolution is different from any of the options, choose the largest size available.  Easy instructions to help you set up your wallpaper (both PC and MAC instructions) are included on each of the pages with the images.

Morro Bay, California - 1-25
Morro Bay, California - 26-50

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