Learn to draw BlackDog!
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Learn to draw BlackDog with cartoonist and creator of Baggy Gator, Dean Bagley. In this short lesson, Mr. Bagley shows you how to draw cartoons using simple shapes as the basic foundation.

Step 1

It is best to rough out guidelines with a light pencil to give you something to draw your final black lines by. On your paper, use a pencil to sketch a small circle for the head. Add a larger oval for the snout.

Step 2

With a black felt-tip pen, draw a small oval for the nose. On the circle, add two overlapping ovals for the eyes.

Step 3

Color in the nose with the black felt-tip pen, leaving a white dot for the shiny nose highlight. For the eye pupils, draw two black circles, with white dots for highlights.

Step 4

We want to create a more curving dip to the top of the snout. With the pencil, erase part of the guideline oval between the nose and the eyes. Sketch in a more sagging line. On top of the circle, sketch two pointed objects as guidelines for the dog's ears.

Step 5

To finish putting the BlackDog face together, use the felt-tip pen to carefully outline the pencil sketch guides. Start underneath the nose, making squiggle line strokes to represent the dog's fur. Trace along the outside of the sketch, until you have made a continuous shape of the head. Fill in two small triangular holes for the inside of the ears. To finalize the dog, add a curving line for the smiling mouth, topped by a curving cheek.

Step 6

In order to see the defining black outlines clearly, color the dog's fur a dark gray.

Congratulations! You have now drawn BlackDog!

We would like to hear from you. Do you have anything you would like to learn how to draw as a cartoon? People, animals, objects? Just email your comments and questions to Dean Bagley.

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Coloring and Drawing at BlackDog

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