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Have some fun playing with BlackDog on your computer desktop.  Once you've downloaded the program, click on BlackDog to activate him.  Then click on him again to move him around your desktop with your mouse.  Try clicking around him to find hotspots with animation and sounds.

There's even a BlackDog midi Player.  Pick from the midis tunes you have on your computer and have fun with BlackDog and your favorite tunes.

Download BlackDog Moves

Click to Download BlackDog Moves
(BlackDogMoves.exe - approximately 610 kb)

Click to Download BlackDog Midi Player
(BlackDogPlayer.exe - approximately 610 kb)

To download your own copy of BlackDog, either click or right-click on one of the links above and save the file to your hard drive.  Don't forget where you save the file.  This is a stand-alone program.  There is nothing to install or uninstall.  To open the program and play with BlackDog, click on the file you downloaded.  To close the program, click the "Esc" button on your keyboard.  To remove the program from your computer, delete the file you downloaded.

Notice the hot link to BlackDog's site on BlackDog's toe.  It's a quick way to visit BlackDog.

Kids:  STOP!  Get permission from your folks before downloading anything from the internet!

Many thanks to for these fun BlackDog desktop toys.  Thanks Loraine!  For more desktop fun, visit Billy Bear's Desktop Critter page.

To find midi files check Yahooligans - A Kid Safe Search Engine.  Or, here are some links to a few midi sites found by Billy Bear:
Grandma Froid's Garden
Kid's MIDIs and Lyrics
Kidz Sing Garden of Songs
(Note:  A new web browser will open when you click the links above.  To return to this page, close the new web browser window.)

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