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Web Page GraphicsBlackDog!
Making your own web page is fun!  BlackDog has some background sets to help you get started.  Choose your favorite look and download the images to your hard drive.

A few rules for the free clipart:  Please do not link directly to the images on BlackDog.  When you do that, it ties up our server, slows everything down, and makes BlackDog very unhappy.  (BlackDog changes the names of things frequently to make sure people don't do it, too.)  Thanks for being considerate.

To download an image, right click on the image and select "Save" or "Save As." Then upload it to your own server and display it from there. 

These background sets are free for you to take and use.  However, BlackDog appreciates a credit on your web page in return.  You can do that by copying the snippet of code below and putting it somewhere on your page.  Even hidden way down at the bottom is fine.  Thanks!

<a href="">Thanks BlackDog!"</a>

There are tons of sites on the internet to teach you how to make a web page. If you have no idea how to get started, here is a good place.

Choose your background!
Click here or on the tree to choose your special look!Sets

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