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BlackDog's Postcards
BlackDog's Post Cards

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STEP 1:  Choose a card.
Click on the image to preview the full-size card and see the included caption.
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Don't forget to click in the circle to enter your selection.

Gator Love

Thinking of You!

Little Nipper!

Happy Birthday!

Thinking of You!

Holding Hands!

Rock & Roll!

Swamp Romp!

Happy Hatch Day!

New Baby!

Hold on!

Big Hug!

STEP 2:  Choose some music.
To preview the song, click the speaker button beside its title.
Don't forget to click in the circle to enter your selection!

No Music
Love and Marriage
Happy Birthday
Anniversary Waltz
Sweet and Merry May
Bicycle Built for Two
This Old Man
Hush Little Baby
Chicken Dance
Coming 'Round the Mountain
Rootbeer Rag
Tennessee Waltz
Flight of the Bumblebee
School Days
Swanee River
My Name

STEP 3:  Select Text and Background Colors


STEP 4:  Put a Title for Your Card Here: 
Examples would be:
  • Just Saying Hello
  • Looking Good
  • Hi There!
STEP 5:  Type your message here.
NOTE:  Do not use quotation marks (". . .") in your message.  It will disappear!

STEP 6:  Closing Greeting: 
How do you want to sign your card?  Examples would be:
  • Have a Great Day,
  • Best Wishes,
  • See you soon!
STEP 7:  Address & Mail the Card:
Make sure you have correctly typed your friend's email address.  Incorrectly addressed cards will not be delivered.

Your name:

Your email address:
Your friend's name:

Your friend's email address:

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