Hi Folks! That's my tail!


“Hello, nephew!” she growled, for a start of her letter.

“I’m coming to Florida for a special project, and I knew you’d be glad to put me up. Don’t make special arrangements or try cleaning your house. It won’t impress me, because I know how you really are — messy.  I’m arriving in a few days.  By the way, ask around as to where you can get some swamp cabbage.

Love & kisses, growls & hisses . . . Granny”

Baggy’s eyes went blank as he laid the letter down. Sort of a vacant look.

A project? What project? What was she going to do? And what about swamp cabbage? Where did that fit into the scheme of things? Was she on a special diet?

Just then, the doorbell rang. Now, who could that be, thought Baggy. Maybe it was Granny Bootz. He opened the door.

It wasn’t Granny, it was his best buddy, Lillia DiValli, dressed in her usual 1960’s styled clothing.

“Hi, Lillia,” greeted Baggy. “What’s up? What brings you here?”

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