Hi Folks! That's my tail!
Mail call! Baggy Gator sat in his easy chair and watched a small tornado come storming through his living room. It was his nephew, Little Nipper, who ran outside to the mailbox, grabbed the mail and hurried back inside without missing a beat.

As his windswept trail blew by uncle Baggy, he yelled, “Mail call, Uncle Baggy,” and continued on as the letters came drifting down, scattering across the floor.

Baggy leaned over to view the envelopes and began sorting out the bills from the letters.

The first letter was from his sister, Snipper, who was still trying to do a second honeymoon with her husband, Biff. Their previous attempts, such as the trip to Niagara Swamp, failed. Someone had drained the swamp.

Nipper was staying with uncle Baggy while they wandered the globe, searching for a suitable honeymoon spot. This letter informed Baggy that Nipper was not leaving any time soon.

The next letter was from Granny Bootz, a distant aunt of his from the Ozark mountains.   Her real name is Geneva Gator, but everyone calls her Granny.  She wears combat boots to protect her feet while in the mountains, so someone nicknamed her Granny Bootz.

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