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BlackDog Goes to the Dentist Hi! I'm BlackDog!
Good Things to Know
Keeping Teeth Healthy
If something happens to your permanent teeth, they don't grow back!  It's your job to keep your teeth healthy.  There are some very easy things you can do to help.  Check here for a list.
Something happened!  What do I do?
Even if you follow all the rules and keep your teeth in tip-top shape, bad things sometimes happen.  Check here for tips on what to do when something goes wrong.
Play Some Games BlackDog Played at the Dentist
Play the Dentist Word Search

Brush Your Teeth!

Tooth Maze Games to Print & Play
Dentist Word Search Games to Print & Play

Play the Dentist Tic Tac Toe Game

The Dentist Crossword Puzzle

Here's a photo of BlackDog's dentist.


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Crayon Alphabet courtesy of Phyllis's Backgrounds and Alphabets.  Thanks!