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Create word search puzzles to print and play!BlackDog's Word Search Puzzle Maker
Create your own personalized word search games

Be Cool! Know the Rules
How good are your manners?
The Weekly Woof
A new original cartoon every week!
Billy Beaver's Game Show
Billy Beaver's
Game Show
Have fun playing arcade games, mazes, puzzles, board games, math quizzes, spelling games and more.  Don't miss BlackDog's Games for the Younger Crowd.
Patty Parrot's Bird Brain Jokes
Patty Parrot's
Bird Brain Jokes

Need we say more?
BlackDog's Internet Refrigerator
Internet Refrigerator
Play with the on-line coloring book, take an art lesson, watch the slide show, play with stickers on the fridge, or grab some free clipart for your web page.  Screen Saver Station is here.
Robo Rocky's Jukebox
Robo Rocky's

Snappy tunes for kids.
Miss Kitty's Story Book
Miss Kitty's Story Book
Read the stories Miss Kitty and her friends have written.  Help write stories on line.
Free Electronic Postcards
Post Cards
Tons of great postcards to send your friends today.  You can even pick your own stationery and send a personalized letter.  It's free and easy to do.


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Crayon Alphabet courtesy of Phyllis's Backgrounds and Alphabets. Thanks!

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