President's Day Herbert C. Hoover

Born:  Aug. 10, 1874
Birthplace: West Branch, Iowa
Party:  Republican
Age at Inauguration:  54
Served:  1929-1933
Died:  Oct. 20, 1964
Age at Death:  90
College:  Stanford
Religion:  Friend (Quaker)
Occupation:  Engineer
Runner-Up:  Alfred E. Smith (1928)
Vice President:  Charles Curtis (1929-1933)

Some Trivia

  • He was the first President to be born west of the Mississippi River.  (Source:  "Herbert Hoover," from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)
  • He was United States Secretary of Commerce in the 1920s under Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, and was the last cabinet secretary to be directly elected President of the United States.  (Source:  "Herbert Hoover," from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)
  • His stance on the economy was based largely on volunteerism, an economic concept that has been compared with the Reagan era's policy of "trickle-down economics."  A proponent of the concept that public-private cooperation was the way to achieve high long-term growth, Hoover feared that too much governmental intervention would destroy individuality and self-reliance.  As the economy quickly deteriorated in the early years of the Great Depression, he declined to pursue legislative relief, believing that it would make people dependent on the federal government.  Instead, he organized a number of voluntary measures with businesses, encouraged state and local government responses, and accelerated federal building projects.  However, his policies had little or no effect.  (Source:  "Herbert Hoover," from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

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