George WashingtonPresident's Day

Born:  Feb. 22, 1732
Birthplace: Westmoreland County Virginia
Party:  None.
Age at Inauguration:  57
Served:  1789-1797
Died:  Dec. 14, 1799
Age at Death:  67
College:  None
Religion:  Episcopalian
Occupation:  Planter
Runner-Up:  John Adams (1789, 1792)
Vice President:  John Adams (1789-1797)

Some Trivia

  • He was one of two presidents to sign the U.S. Constitution.  James Madison was the other.
  • He was the only president to be elected unanimously by the electoral college.
  • He was the only president who didn't live in Washington, D.C. during his presidency.  The nation's capital was located in Philadelphia during Washington's administration.
  • He was the first President to appear on a postage stamp.
  • He had some unusual false teeth that were carved from wood, rhinoceros ivory, whale bone, and deer antlers.  None of his teeth were wooden.

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BlackDog's President's Day Celebration