Halloween Jumbled Letters Game
BlackDog's Halloween party Halloween Jumbled Letters Word Game
Guess the Halloween word from the jumbled letters.  Click inside the applet to solve the puzzle.  Once solved, click again for a new jumbled word.

Guess the jumbled word:

You need a Java-enabled web browser to play this game
Need help?  Here's the word list:

Bogeyman   Candy   Cauldron   Ceremony   Costume   Coven   Demon   Dracula   Ghosts   Goblins   Gremlin   Halloween   Haunted   Hobgoblin   Howl   Magic   Mask   Moonlight   Monster   October   Potions   Pumpkin   Spells   Spooky   Scary   Trick   Treat   Vampire   Witch   Wizard

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BlackDog's Halloween Fun & Games

Thanks to Eric Harshbarger for BlackDog's word jumble applet.