Send a Letter from BlackDog's Pumpkin PatchA Letter from BlackDog's Pumpkin Patch

Have some fun receiving a personal letter from BlackDog's Pumpkin Patch.  Or, send one to someone you know as a surprise.  Just answer a few questions and you're on your way.  Click here for instructions and BlackDog's privacy policy.

  1. Type your name here: 
  2. What Halloween costume will you wear this year?    (Example:  a witch)
  3. What Halloween costume did you wear last year?    (Example:  an owl)
  4. Name of one friend who will go trick or treating with you this year: 
  5. Address the letter here:    (Example:
    Please check the email address to make sure it is right.  Letters that are incorrectly addressed will not be received.  (Be sure to include the!)
  6. Type your email address here:    (Example:
- or -

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Information and Privacy Policy:
When you click the "Show me the Letter" button, your story will appear on your screen with your information in place.  It's all set - ready for you to read and print out from there if you like.  Then, just click the "Send It" button when your letter is displayed for you to see the finished letter and email it.  Email addresses are required for the Letter from BlackDog's Pumpkin Patch, but are used only to send the personalized letter.  No email addresses, or any other bits of personal information, used at BlackDog are collected, saved or distributed at all, so don't worry that you'll be put on a mailing list if you answer the questions above.  Enjoy!

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