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Halloween Safety

Halloween as we know it today evolved from a thousand year old Celtic festival called "Samhain." Samhain was a harvest festival marking the death of the old year and the beginning of the new one.  The Celts believed "Samhain" to be the "Lord of Death" who allowed spirits to return to their former homes on earth one day each year.  We celebrate our evolved version of this festival on October 31st.

In modern times, the only spirits returning home will be children bringing the bounty of their own "trick or treat" harvest.

Before sending your goblins out on their harvest mission, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

Watch it!  I'll byte! Costumes should be flame-retardant and light or bright in color. Dark costumes should have strips of glow in the dark tape along the back.
Watch it!  I'll byte! Use face paints rather than a mask which can obstruct both breathing and vision.
Watch it!  I'll byte! Make sure your child leaves home with:   (1) a name tag complete with your address and phone number, (2) change to make a phone call, and (3) a flashlight.
Watch it!  I'll byte! Young children should be accompanied by an adult.  No child should go trick or treating alone.
Watch it!  I'll byte! Allow your children to trick or treat only in familiar neighborhoods.
Watch it!  I'll byte! Set a specific time your children should return home.
Watch it!  I'll byte! Instruct children never to accept rides from strangers.  If they need a ride, your children should use the change you gave them to call you or a person you have designated in your place.
Watch it!  I'll byte! Tell your children how important it is that treats they gather not be eaten until the child is safely home so that you can inspect everything first.
Watch it!  I'll byte! Check all treats for signs of tampering and discard all loose and homemade treats (unless you know the person who provided them).
Watch it!  I'll byte! If you are driving: Be EXTRA CAUTIOUS in residential areas!

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