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Lots of fun to play.   Kids caught saying certain "magic words" give away a piece of candy in a bag they are given at the start of the evening. The person with the most candy remaining at the end of the evening is the winner.

What you need:

A small bag with each person's name written on it
10 pieces of candy for each person's bag
A list of the "magic words" to hang up for all to see
What you need to do:
  • Write each guest's name on a bag.
  • Put 10 pieces of candy in each bag.
  • Make the list of magic words: GHOST, PUMPKIN, WITCH, CANDY, HALLOWEEN.
  • Hang up the list in a place everyone can see it.
  • Set a specific time for the game to end.
  • If someone is caught saying one of the words on the list, the one who says the word must give the first one who hears it a piece of candy from their bag.
  • The person with the most candy when the time is up wins.

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