BlackDog's Halloween Fun and Games Pumpkin Bowling Game
How to Set Up and PlayHappy 
How good are you at bowling?  Play pumpkin bowl to find out!
What you need:
  • One or two small round pumpkins
  • Knife to cut pumpkin  (Kids:  Get adult help with the knife!)
  • 3 (12 or 18 oz.) empty plastic soda bottles (or as many bottles as you like up to 12 bottles)
  • Tops for the bottles
  • Sand
  • 1 yard of white felt or fabric
  • Scissors  (Kids:  Get adult help with those scissors!)
  • Needle & thread or heavy-duty tape
  • Magic marker
  • Smooth ground surface area about 12 feet long and 3 feet wide.  (Note:  This game should be played either outside or in an area that can be easily cleaned up.)
What you need to do:
  • Take a pumpkin cutting knife and cut three finger-size holes in the usual bowling ball pattern.  (Thumb, index finger and middle finger should fit in the holes.)
  • Place about 3 tablespoons (or more) of sand (or kitty litter or something else heavy you have on hand) into the bottles.  This will help keep the "pins" standing upright.
  • Replace caps onto the bottles.
  • Cut ghost shapes out of the 1 yard of white felt or fabric.  Sew or tape together and slip over the soda bottles.
  • Color ghost faces on the bowling pin ghosts with a black permanent marker.
How to play:
  • Place the ghost soda bottle "pins" at one end of the bowling alley.
  • Kids take turns bowling with pumpkins.
  • Each ghost pin knocked down is one point.  The one with the most points wins.
  • Have fun!

Many thanks to Debi B. for this terrific game idea.

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