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Have fun trying to find the green apple!

What you need:

13 Apples (12 red and one green)
Tree Branch
What you need to do:
  • Wrap the string around each apple.
  • Tie the apples to the tree branch loosely (so you can move them around after each round).
How to Play: Take a child and tell them to close their eyes and make a wish.  As they do you blindfold them.  Once blindfolded you spin them around and say this rhyme with them:

    13 Apples hanging from a tree.
    12 dark red and one bright green.
    Blindfolded, spun around, and then set free.
    Is that green one meant for me?
Point the child in the right direction.  They then will stumble about and pick an apple.  If they get the green one their wish will come true!
Thanks to Krag Kadera for this fun game!

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