BlackDog's Halloween Fun and Games The Ghost Game
How to Set Up and PlayHappy 
Can you hear a ghost?
What you need: A few friends to play the game.
What you need to do: Choose one person to be the ghost.  Everyone else closes their eyes and stands very still, listening for the ghost.  The ghost walks around the room, standing behind the silent players.  When the ghost is behind someone, the ghost counts slowly (and silently in their mind) to ten.  If the person the ghost is behind does not say "is there a ghost behind me?" before the ghost finishes counting, the ghost tells them they are dead and they are out of the game.  If that person does in fact say those words then they join the ghost and try to eliminate the rest of the players.  If everyone gets eliminated then the ghost wins.  Otherwise the last persons who becomes a ghost wins.

(Many thanks to Penny for this terrific game idea.)

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