BlackDog's Halloween Fun and Games Find the Pumpkin
How to Set Up and Play BlackDog's Halloween Party!
This is a fun game!  Kids search for hidden paper pumpkins with points on them.  The person who gets the most points wins!

What you need:

20 pumpkins worth 5 points 
10 pumpkins worth 10 points
5 pumpkins worth 15 points
What you need to do:
  • Download and print out the pumpkins from the image links below.
  • Have fun coloring the pumpkins and cutting them out.
  • Hide the pumpkins before your guests arrive.
  • Set a time limit for the game or it will go on all night!
  • Don't forget to limit the search area --  you don't want young goblins wandering off or into places they should not go.
Download and Print Your Pumpkins Click on each link below to bring up the full-size picture of each pumpkin.  Once the image has loaded in your web browser, print out as many copies of each pumpkin as you need.  To print out the pumpkin, at the upper left corner of your Netscape or Internet Explorer web browser window, click on "File" then "Print."

Pumpkin 1 (5 points)     Pumpkin 2 (10 points)     Pumpkin 3 (15 points)

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