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Where did the witch get her furniture?
From the ideal gnome exhibition!

Why did the witch put her broom in the washing machine?
She wanted a clean sweep!

How did the witch feel after she was run over by a car?

What has six legs and flies?
A witch giving her cat a ride!

What is evil and ugly and bounces?
A witch on a trampoline!

What do witches race on?

What name did the witch give to her cooking pot?
It was called-Ron! (Cauldron)

What is evil, ugly and black and goes round and round?
A witch in a revolving door!

What is evil and ugly on the inside and green on the outside?
A witch dressed as a cucumber!

What happens if a witch flies on an airplane?
She gets broom sick!

Why is a witch's face like a million dollars?
It's all green and wrinkly!

Why do witches only ride their brooms after dark?
That's the time to go to sweep!

What's evil and ugly and goes up and down all day?
A witch stuck in an elevator!

Why is "S" a witch's favorite letter?
Because it turns cream into scream!

What do you call a pretty, friendly witch?
A failure!

Why should men beware of beautiful witches?
They'll sweep them off their feet!

When should you feed witch's milk to a baby?
When it's a baby witch!

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