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How do witches keep their hair in place?
With scare spray!

Why are witches fingernails never longer than 11 inches?
Because if they were 12 inches they'd be a foot!

What sound does a witch make when she cries?
"Brew-hoo, Brew-hoo!"

Is it true that a witch won't hurt you if you run away from her?
It all depends on how fast you run!

How do you make a witch float?
You take two scoops of ice cream, a glass of coke and one witch. . . !

What's yellow and very poisonous?
Witch infested custard!

Why do witches fly on broomsticks?
Because vacuum cleaners are too heavy to fly!

What is a witch's favorite kind of jewelry?
Charm bracelets!

Why didn't the witch sing at the concert?
She had a frog in her throat!

What do you call a witch who's a bad driver?
A road hag!

What happened when the little witch was bad at school?
She was ex-spelled!

Why did the witch buy two tickets to the zoo?
One to get in and one to get out!

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