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What is the official witch motto?
"We came, we saw, we conjured!"

What do you call a witch by the side of the road with her thumb out?
A witchhiker!

What happens if you see twin witches?
You won't be able to see which witch is witch!

What do you call a nervous witch?
A twitch!

Why did the witch give up fortune telling?
There was no future in it!

What did the witch say to the ugly toad?
"I'd put a curse on you but it looks like someone already beat me to it!"

How do witches lose weight?
They join weight witches!

What is a witch with poison ivy called?
An itchy witchy!

Who turns the lights off at halloween?
The light witch!

What happened to the witch with the upside down nose?
Every time she sneezed her hat blew off!

What do you call two witches who share a broom stick?
Broom mates!

Why do witches have stiff joints?
They get broom-atism!

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