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Werewolf Jokes

Why shouldn't you grab a werewolf by its tail?
It might be the werewolf's tail but it could be the end of you!

How do you stop a werewolf attacking you?
Throw a stick and shout fetch!

Why did the mommy and daddy werewolves call their son Camera?
Because he was always snapping!

What do you call a hairy beast with clothes on?
A wear-wolf!

What do you call a hairy beast that's lost?
A where-wolf!

What do you call a hairy beast that no longer exists?
A were-wolf!

What do you get when you cross a werewolf with a drip-dry suit?
A wash-and-werewolf!

What would you get if you cross a werewolf with a dog?
A werewoof!

What do you call a hairy beast in a river?
A weir-wolf!

What did the werewolf say on Halloween?
Happy Howl-o-weeeeeeeen!

Where do you keep your pet werewolf?
In a werehouse!

How many werewolves does it take to change a light bulb?
A lot fewer than it takes to change a heavy bulb!

What do you call a werewolf who drinks too much?
A whine-o!

What is a werewolf's favorite type of story?
A hairy tale!

Did you hear about the hippie werewolf?
He was fur out, man!

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