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What does the postman deliver to vampires?
Fang mail!

What's Dracula's favorite soup?
Scream of tomato!

What's the difference between a vampire and a doughnut?
You'll find out if you try to dunk a vampire in your coffee!

What did the vampire say to the doctor who cured his memory loss?
Fangs for the memories!

What does a vampire stand on after taking a shower?
A bat mat!

What's a vampire's favorite dance?
The vaults!

What do romantic vampires do?

Why was the young vampire a failure?
He fainted at the sight of blood!

Why did the vampire give up acting?
He couldn't get his teeth into the part!

What happened to the vampire who swallowed a sheep?
He felt baaaaaaaaaaaad!

What does Mrs. Dracula say to Mr. Dracula when he goes out to work in the evening?
"Have a nice bite!"

What's Dracula's favorite coffee?

What do you get if you cross Dracula with Sir Lancelot?
A bite in shining armour!

What's Dracula's car called?
A mobile blood unit!

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