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What do vampires think blood transfusions are?
Fast food!

What did Dracula say to his new apprentice?
We could do with some new blood around here!

Why are vampire families so close?
Because blood is thicker than water!

What happened when the vampire went to the blood bank?
He asked to make a withdrawal!

What did the vampire say to the mirror?
Terror, terror on the wall...!

What is a vampire's favorite film character?

Why do people hate being bitten by vampires?
Because it's a drain in the neck!

What happened to the lovesick vampire?
He became a neck-romancer!

Where do vampires keep their savings?
In blood banks!

What do vampires play poker for?
High stakes!

What did the vampire say after he had been to the dentist?
Fangs very much!

What kind of medicine does Dracula take for a cold?
Coffin medicine!

How does a vampire clean his house?
With a victim cleaner!

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