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BlackDog's Halloween Fun and Games
BlackDog's Halloween Glittery Glitter

Glittery Ghosts

Remember:  Please do not hotlink to these images.  Read the rules before you download.

Large Glittery Ghost Small Glittery Ghost

Large Glittery Ghost Medium Glittery Ghost Small Glittery Ghost

Large Glittery Ghost Medium Glittery Ghost #1 Medium Glittery Ghost #2

If you don't have a website where you can use the glitters, have a little fun dragging them around on this webpage.

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BlackDog's Halloween Fun & Games

The Rules:
These images are free for your personal use as long as you don't make any money from them.  That means, among other things, don't sell them from your website or put them in a collection that you or somebody else sells.  If you make any money using these images, remember that they are protected by copyright law and BlackDog's rights will be pursued against you.  Wherever you use them properly, it's always nice when somebody says thanks with a link back to BlackDog.

Do not HOTLINK to the images on this site.  To use them, download them to your computer first and them upload them to your own server or to a server that hosts images.  Hotlinking is a VERY big no-no on the net.  Hotlinking is also known as bandwidth theft. 

Why is hotlinking bad?  BlackDog pays a web hosting company a fee to host this site.  When you hotlink to the images, it's free for you, but very expensive for BlackDog.  This is not only not fair, but it is actually STEALING.  To stop this practice, BlackDog changes the names and locations of images frequently, so if you decide to hotlink in spite of this rule, you'll only be getting a big X in place of the image in a few days.  So, please, host your own images!

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