BlackDog's Halloween Breakaway Game DownloadBlackDog's Halloween Breakaway Game Download

Develop those finger muscles!  Download BlackDog's Halloween Breakaway Game.  Play Breakaway all you want to from one small program.  Enjoy!

Download and Playing Instructions

BlackDog's Halloween Breakaway Game Download

Kids:  Get permission from your folks before downloading anything from the internet!

Download Fee: $2.00
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Download and Playing Instructions:
BlackDog's Halloween Breakaway Game costs $2.00 which can be paid through PayPal.  Pay Pal is fast, free and secure.
PayPal is fast, free and secure!

Click the PayPal download image above to get the program.

After downloading the file (672 kb) to your computer, click on name of the file you downloaded.  When the game opens, click the "Start Game" button.  That's it!  There is nothing to install or uninstall.  When you have finished playing, click the "Exit" button to close the program.

To play the game in this program, you need:
Windows 95+ operating system
256 color display (minimum)
16 mb RAM
A Java-enabled web browser.

The contents of the program are copyrighted and owned by BlackDog - The Site for Kids!  You may not copy, reproduce, reverse engineer or distribute this program in any form or by any means.

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