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Have fun this halloween making your very own cryptograms to print out and solve.  To create your free cryptograms, fill in the blanks below and select the design options you would like to use.  Make as many cryptograms as you like - they're free for private, non-commercial and educational use. 

Cryptogram Title

Word List

Type a Riddle or Clue Here
You may or may not include a riddle or clue.  An example of a riddle might be:  "Who is the best teacher?"  An example of a clue might be:  "It swims in the ocean."  If you use a riddle or clue, put the answer in the Riddle Solution section below.  If you leave this section blank but fill out the next section, the solution will be labeled "Secret Phrase" instead of "Riddle Solution."

Riddle Solution
If this field is left blank, the riddle part of the cryptogram will not be included.  If you decide to use a riddle or secret phrase, you must each of the letters in the solution somewhere in the words in your word list.

The following settings can be changed in your cryptogram without starting from scratch.  Make your design selections and then click on one of the "Show" buttons to see how it looks.
Title Picture

Line Picture
Only two small steps to go!  Next, click on the "Create it!" button.  You won't see anything happen, but your cryptogram will be generating in the background.  Then, click on either the "Show Cryptogram" or "Show Answer Key" buttons to display the cryptogram you've created.  A new web browser window will pop up with your game.  After the new page has fully loaded, from the upper left corner of the new browser window, click on "File" then "Print" or follow your web browser's directions on how to print a web page.

Sometimes it may take a few seconds to create your cryptogram, so please be patient.  After you print your cryptogram, close the browser window that popped up and start a new game.

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