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Christmas Puzzle Downloads

BlackDog's Christmas Puzzle Downloads

Christmas Puzzle #7
Christmas Puzzles

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16 pieces - music
25 pieces - music
36 pieces - music
49 pieces - music

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BlackDog's Christmas Fun & Games

Requirements:  Windows operating systems only.

Kids:  Ask permission from your folks before downloading anything from the internet!


Choose the picture you like, then click on the link for the size puzzle you want to download and play.  Save the file to your computer or to a floppy disk.  Be sure to remember the name of the file you download and where you save it on your computer.

Once you have downloaded the jigsaw puzzle you want to play, double-click on the .exe file to open it and play the game.  Each puzzle file is between 310 and 375 kb.

You do not have to install anything on your computer to play these puzzles.  If you don't want the puzzle any longer, just delete the file you downloaded.  That's it!

Trouble downloading?  Make sure you aren't in frames from somebody else's site or behind a firewall.  The puzzles are set up so they must be downloaded from BlackDog's site only.

Worried about viruses?  The puzzles you download from this site have been tested to make sure they do not have a virus.  If you have a puzzle that you believe contains a virus of some kind, you did not download the file from this site.

Important!  The jigsaw puzzles are free to use on your personal computer only.  Please do not email them to your friends or distribute them from your own web site, or anywhere else.  If you do that, people won't come to BlackDog's site to get their own puzzle, the banner ads that pay for everything won't be displayed, and BlackDog won't be able to keep giving away things for free.  If you want to share the puzzles with other people, please use the "Email Me" link to send the url of this web page to your friends.  Thanks for being considerate.

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