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Christmas Mazes

BlackDog's Christmas Mazes
BlackDog's Christmas Mazes
Have fun with BlackDog's Christmas mazes - trees and a goofy-looking snowman.  Each maze is different.  They're free for you to print and play, so print as many as you like.  Enjoy!

Printing Instructions

Easy Tree 1

Easy Tree 2

Easy Tree 3

Easy Tree 4

Easy Tree 5

Easy Tree 6

Easy Tree 7

Easy Tree 8

Harder Tree 9

Harder Tree 10

Harder Tree 11

Harder Tree 12

Snowman 1

Snowman 2

Snowman 3

Snowman 4

Snowman 5

Snowman 6

Snowman 7

Snowman 8

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BlackDog's Christmas Fun & Games

Reindeer BlackDog by Dean Bagley.

Printing Instructions

First, just click on the small picture of each maze and a full-size version of the maze will appear in your web browser.

Then, when the whole picture has loaded, just click on "File" (top left corner of your web browser usually) and then "Print."  Or, follow your web browser's directions on how to print a web page.  Make sure your printer is turned on and has some regular size typing paper ready.  That's it!

To play:  Tree mazes - start at the top of the tree and find your way to the bottom to win.  To play the snowman mazes, start at the green dot and end at the red dot.  Have fun!

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