click me for more holiday fun and games BlackDog's Christmas Coloring Book

How to Use the Coloring Book

  1. Choose a picture from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click on "Load Image."

  3. Click inside of the circle of the color you want to use.

  4. Click in the picture to fill an area with color.

  5. Click "Erase" to erase all the colors from the picture.

  6. Have fun!

Download All Twelve Pictures
If you like, you can download all of the pictures from here and color them off line.  The file is a self-extracting zip file which will automatically create a folder on your hard drive and extract the pictures into it. The directory will be called 'c:\blackdog.'  From there, you can open the images and print them. The name of the file you are downloading is 'colorbk-c.exe' in case you forget.

Don't miss BlackDog's Merry Christmas Coloring Book.  There are 18 holiday pictures for you to print out and having fun coloring.  You can even print out the cover and make your own coloring book!

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