Want to know why BlackDog has advertising?

About the ads on BlackDog

The ads are everywhere.  Some are those truly yucky flashing ads.  Some are pop-ups or might even interfere with a web page.  People are always asking why.

Why have the ads?  It's simple.  They pay for everything!  Server costs, program costs, you name it -- it costs money.

BlackDog isn't a huge site backed by a large company with lots of money.  There aren't lots of employees.  There are no partners.  There used to be sort of a partner, but it got really old having someone boss everybody around all the time and dictating content - while doing pretty much nothing.  So, fortunately, after about a year the partner went away.  From that point on, BlackDog blossomed!  The downside in not allowing someone with money boss everybody, dictate content, but do nothing is that there aren't a lot of riches to go around.  So, the ads have to stay.

Recently, some very nice folks made donations using the button you will see around the site, one of which is below on this page.  There are over 10,000 web pages on BlackDog, and the donation buttons are scattered all over the place.  Anyway, because of those generous donations, it has been possible to remove lots of the really yucky pop-ups and flashing ads.  Yeah!  (You know who you are.  Thanks again!)

If you would like to help get rid of the ads, you can click the donation button, too.  Something as small as $10 isn't much for most people, but it ads up.  Plus, if you have a website, you can purchase text link advertising to get a link back to your site.

So.  That's why there are ads all over BlackDog.  Hope this helps explain why.

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