Happy Birthday from BlackDog! The Chinese Zodiac - The Snake
Your birth animal! The Chinese say that the animal ruling the year you were born will influence your life. 

Personality Traits of the Snake:

Snakes are governed by innate wisdom and intuition.  Snakes are thoughtful, careful individuals.  Snakes learn quickly and will never make the same mistake twice.  Snakes like the best things in life.  Yin to the Dragon's Yang, a snake is mysterious, patient and quiet.  A snake would be successful as a philosopher, fortune-teller or someone's best friend.

Famous People born in the Year of the Snake:

Picasso, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Sheen, Sara Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields, Ryan O'Neal, Tim Allen, Courtney Love, Martha Stewart, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

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