Happy Birthday from BlackDog! The Chinese Zodiac - The Monkey
Your birth animal! The Chinese say that the animal ruling the year you were born will influence your life. 

Personality Traits of the Monkey:

Monkeys are very smart, have a lot of wonderful ideas, but are full of mischief.  The monkey delights in learning new things and won't hesitate to express joy so all can see.  Monkeys are extremely competitive and will make every effort to out-do everyone around them.  Once a monkey decides on a career path, a monkey will be good at just about anything, from rock star to magician to head of state.

Famous People born in the Year of the Monkey:

Leonardo DaVinci, Charles Dickens, Katie Couric, Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Mike Douglas, Nelson Rockefeller, Geena Davis, Macaulay Culkin, Bo Derek, Montel Williams, Ricki Lake, Tom Hanks, Lisa Marie Presley, Ted Kennedy, Ashley Judy, LaToya Jackson

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