Happy Birthday from BlackDog! The Chinese Zodiac - The Dog
Your birth animal! The Chinese say that the animal ruling the year you were born will influence your life. 

Personality Traits of the Dog:

Keeping an eye on everything, dogs are alert and dependable.  Compatible, compromising, loyal and open minded, dogs are there when you need them.  While dogs are usually friendly, affectionate and kind, a dog will fight to the end for an important cause.  Dogs are highly intelligent, and seldom express thoughts and feelings to others.  A dog would be an excellent secret agent, psychiatrist or librarian.

Famous People born in the Year of the Dog:

Steven Spielberg, Angela Bassett, Connie Chung, Andie MacDowell, Kevin Bacon, Chris O'Donnell, Andre Agassi, Tim Robbins and Bill Clinton.

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