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BlackDog is a large site and has two different web addresses: (the main site) and  You might get results from your search on one, or both, domains, but don't worry they're the same website.  (Why do you have two domain names?  Are you nuts?)

So - what's where?
  • Christmas and Halloween holidays
  • Games:  Billy Beaver's Game Show - arcade games, board games, games for tots, math games and homework help, BlackDog's Word Search Puzzle Maker, the maze generator, plus lots of miscellaneous games
  • Patty Parrot's Bird Brain Jokes:  hundreds and hundreds of kid jokes -- plus The Weekly Woof
  • Things to do with graphics:  BlackDog's Internet Refrigerator - screen savers, desktop wallpaper, drawing lessons, calendar, coloring books, clipart
  • Miss Kitty's Storybook:  stories to read and write, poetry
  • BlackDog's Post Office - All kinds of postcards for every occasion
  • Holidays (except Christmas and Halloween)
  • Games:  puzzles, word games, mazes
  • Zoo & zoo animal things


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Why do this?  Are you nuts?
Yes and no.

BlackDog started out with one domain name and a few very small pages early in 1997.  It grew, and grew and grew!  Especially the holiday pages.  And got kicked off its cheap server.  So, the second domain name came into being to take care of the seasonal holiday traffic, and each domain was housed on a different, cheap server.  It grew, and grew and grew again!  To over 10,000 web pages.  More people came to visit, and BlackDog got kicked off both cheap servers.  Finally, BlackDog got its own server and everything got combined.  No more cheap servers, but no more worries about having to move the site every Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

In the meantime, while the site was growing, people linked to BlackDog, hundreds of them!  Plus, search engines found the pages and listed them.  If the pages are moved, people think the site is gone.  So, at least for the time being, the two domain names remain.

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