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Have fun at BlackDog

Play Colour Match with BlackDog
How to Play:  Click "New Game" to start the game.  Then match the colors to the words.  Have fun!
Which box is
First Color Second Color Third Color
Question:  How do YOU spell the word:  color or colour?
Answer:  It depends on where you live!  People who learn the English language U.S.A.-style spell it "color."  People who learn English British or Canadian-style spell it "colour."

In this game, BlackDog's friend, Max, the super guy who made this game for you, lives in Canada, so he spells it "colour."  BlackDog lives in the U.S.A., so BlackDog spells it "color."  We're both right!

More Fun for the Younger Crowd

Thanks to Maximilian Stocker for the script used to create this fun game.