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BlackDog's Addition Worksheets Addition Practice Worksheets

Have some fun practicing addition.
Click the links below to see each worksheet.
(Printing Instructions and Terms of Use below.)
Basic Addition Practice
  1. Add by One
  2. Add by Two
  3. Add by Three
  4. Add by Four
  1. Add by Five
  2. Add by Six
  3. Add by Seven
  4. Add by Eight
  1. Add by Nine
  2. Add by Ten
  3. Add by Eleven
  4. Add by Twelve

Level 1 Worksheets

  1. Single Digits
  2. Single Digits
  3. Single Digits
  4. Single Digits
  5. Single Digits

Level 2 Worksheets

  1. Double Digits
  2. Double Digits
  3. Double Digits
  4. Double Digits
  5. Double Digits

Level 3 Worksheets

  1. Triple Digits
  2. Triple Digits
  3. Triple Digits
  4. Triple Digits
  5. Triple Digits

Level 4 Worksheets

  1. Four Digits
  2. Four Digits
  3. Four Digits
  4. Four Digits
  5. Four Digits
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