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BlackDog's Math & Science Fun BlackDog at Work


Math Flash Cards
Choose the addition flash cards, subtraction, multiplication or a combination of all three.  Test your math skills from 0 - 25 up to 0 - 1000.  Answer math questions correctly in 60 seconds.  Great math practice and lots of fun!

Math Flash Two
A fun math game to test your skills.

Math Worksheets
Lots and lots of help with math homework.  Print and practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and all kinds of very cool number concept worksheets.  Aim high!

Lots and lots of fun sudoku games to print and play, or you can play online.

Roman Numeral Converter Tool
Convert integers into roman numerals or roman numerals into integers.

Addition Game
Match the number sentences with the correct answers.  No time limit.

Algebra Problem Solver
Solve those pesky math problems with the Algebra Problem Solver.  Give it a try.  Instructions included.  Runs with Java.

A Simple Math Game
Practice addition, subtraction and multiplication with this simple, fun, arcade-type math game.

The Math Bully Game
How fast are you able to solve random math problems?  Test yourself with the Math Bully Game.

The Lemonade Stand
Buy low, sell high!  Earn money in your own front yard.  Just watch out for the weather.

Multiplication Games
Match multiplication questions with the correct answers.  Again, no time limit.

Multiplication Tables 1 - 12
It's the tables in a table.  A very cool way to see how all the numbers line up.  Find the patterns.

Number Block Puzzles
Lots of math fun with these puzzles to print and play off-line.  Fill in the missing numbers.  No Java required.

The Percentage Converter
No more worries about those pesky percentage problems.  Have fun converting with this nifty calculator.

Playing with Stereograms
Stereograms show 3D mathematical objects in space.  This Java applet demonstrates how changing angles changes the way objects appear.  It's not a game, but it's lots of fun to fiddle with and try to see the images in 3D.  Learn a little bit about how we see things, too.

The Toothpick Puzzle - by Nicholas Exner
Examine geometry first hand by using this web activity to solve the problem of creating five squares by arranging twelve toothpicks.  Java required to play.


Periodic Table of the Elements
The Periodic Table shows all the elements we know about grouped into rows and columns with something in common.  This Java applet is not a game, but tells you about each of the elements in a very cool way.  Works in Netscape 3+ and IE 4+ or an applet-viewer browser.

Convert It!
Need to know how many ounces in a gallon?  Or do you need to know how many grams in a kilogram?  Use the BlackDog's equivalent conversion tables to convert just about anything to just about anything else!


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