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Need to know how many ounces in a gallon?  Or do you need to know how many grams in a kilogram?  Use the conversion tables below to convert just about anything to anything!

| Acceleration Equivalents | Area Equivalents | Energy/Work Equivalents | Power Equivalents | Length Equivalents | Mass Equivalents | Metrology Equivalents | Pressure Equivalents | Temperature Equivalents | U.S. Fluid or Liquid Equivalents | Velocity Equivalents | Volume/Capacity Equivalents |

Note:  These tables should not be relied upon for exacting work.  They can give you an idea of equivalencies, but if you are a mathematician or a physicist, or a serious scholar, or something equivalent to that, you aren't always going to be happy with the results.  So, always check the results with the appropriate formulas if you need to rely on them for something critical.

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