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Math and Science Fun

Algebra & Math Interpreter

Java-Applet Manipulator
The math interpreter is ready when the input prompt appears.  Expressions must be entered in usual mathematical infix- notation.  Faulty inputs will be rejected with error reports.  If an expression cannot be calculated, it will be returned unchanged.

Differentiation: DIFF(-1/5*x^2*TAN(LN(x)/2),x)
Partial derivation: DIFF(DIFF(1/(x^2 + y^2),x),y)
Integration: INT(x^4*SIN(PI*x),x)
Numeric calculation: (8+123)*67-6
Evaluation of Polynomials: SUBST(2x^2+x-3,x,4)
(value of polynomial 2x^2+x-3 at x=4);
Taylor series: TAYLOR(SINH(x^2),x,0,5)
Fourier analysis: FOURIER(x,x,0,1,6)
Equation solving: SOLVE(3*x^2-8=x-9+x^2,x)

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Thanks to Jens- Uwe Dolinsky for the Algebra & Math Interpreter applet.