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The Peggy Solitaire Game

The goal is of this game is to remove pegs from the board by jumping over each peg with another peg.  This removes the "jumped" peg (similar to checkers jumps).  Click and drag with the mouse to move a peg.  Only horizontal and vertical jumps are allowed.  The game is over when no more jumps are possible.  You win the game by removing all the pegs except one from the board.  A perfect game would leave one peg in the center position.

For Reverse Peggy Solitaire, the goal is to add pegs to the board, creating the selected peg pattern.  Jumping over an empty hole produces a peg in that hole.  The game is over when enough pegs have been created to produce the selected pattern.

Select AutoSolve to watch the computer solve the game.

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Thanks to MazeWorks for Peggy Solitaire.