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The Peg Jump Game


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Thanks to Matt Barnicle for creating this nifty game.

How to play:  The object of the game is to leave only one peg on the game board.  To play, pick up one of the blue pegs on the board and jump it diagonally over one of the other blue pegs into an empty space.  When a piece is jumped, it is taken from the board.  Do this until there is only one peg left, or there are no more valid moves left.  The program *should* tell you when there are no more valid moves, and will calculate your resulting score.

When you click on a blue peg, it gets highlighted.  You can either click on the peg again to de-select it, or click on an empty space that is diagonal from the piece and is on the other side of another blue peg.  The program will tell you if the move is invalid.

(Note: you might have to "refresh" your screen using an older version of Netscape.  If you don't see the "New Game" button below the board, go the the "view" menu, and select "refresh").

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