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  • Cats and Ladders
    This is a nifty java version of the popular "Chutes & Ladders" game.
  • Checkers Game #1
    Your move!  A very cool version of the classic favorite game.  Play against the computer.  Fast!
  • Checkers Game #2
    Play against the computer with this one, too.  Different graphics and strategy.  This game works in Netscape 3+ and Internet Explorer 4+ only.
  • Chess
    Play on the public boards, or contact BlackDog to set up your own private chess game with passworded moves and email notification to your opponent.  This is not a teaching tool so there are no instructions on how to play chess.  Cool on-line game to play with a friend.
  • The Eight Queens
    The Eight Queens is a classic mind puzzle game played on a chessboard with one piece (guess which one).  The object of the game is to place 8 queens on the board so that no queen can attack another.  Requires a Java-enabled browser.
  • The Hare and the Hounds
    The Hare and the Hounds is based on a 19th-century board game invented in France, also called The Military Game.  It was popular among French army officers during and after the Franco-Prussian war.  Enjoy playing this modern Java applet version.
  • Hotzee
    Name sound familiar?  Try it out and see what you think.
  • Knight's Walk
    The object of the game is to move a knight around a chessboard, visiting each square once.  This is a very nice game.  Javascript required.
  • Othello
    A modern version of the ancient game of Go.  It's also known as Reversi.  Play against the computer.  Sandwich the computer's pieces between yours.  At the end if you have more pieces your color, you win.
  • TicTacToe Games
    Everybody knows how to play TicTacToe.  There are lots and lots of TicTacToe games at BlackDog.  Each holiday has at least one game, plus there are boards to download and play off-line for special occasions.
  • Peg Jump
    Have you ever played those wooden peg jump games some restaurants leave on the table to entertain you while you're waiting for your food or the waitress?  Here it is on line.
  • Peggy Solitaire
    Another version of the peg jump game with very nifty graphics.  Jump over pegs into an empty slot.  Solve the puzzle by leaving one peg in the middle.  There are several peg combinations to play, too.  Or play the reverse version.  Fun.
  • Raku, Jr.
    The objective in Raku is to turn the tiles back to blue in as few moves as possible.  Shockwave is required to play this game.
  • TacTix
    TacTix is a variation of Nim, one of the oldest of all mathematical puzzle board games.
  • Towers of Hanoi
    Can you move all of the rings from the first tower to the last?  Very nice graphics and lots of fun!
  • Triplets
    This is a variation of tic-tac-toe.  The first player to align three pieces in a row on the game board wins.  The larger you make the game board, the more challenging the puzzle.
Purchase a Game to Play Off-Line
  • Mah Jong Adventures
    Embark on a Mah Jong adventure, collecting gold tiles in 18 of the world's most incredible locations. Your eccentric great uncle has left you a special journal in his will, which will ultimately lead you to his greatest treasure. There is also Mah Jong Adventures for MAC.
  • NingPo MahJong Deluxe
    Eighteen challenging MahJong game layouts.  Nine beautiful gamesets and backgrounds.  Very cool!
  • Big Money Deluxe
    Fun, fast-paced game to play off-line.  Collect bags of money!  There's a version for MAC, too:  Big Money Deluxe for MAC,
  • Mah Jong Medley
    Choose from over 300 layouts, all distinctly original, ranging from super easy to extremely challenging. You'll certainly be kept busy with the 4 available game modes: Classic mode allows you to play like you've always played Mah Jong Solitaire. In Ten mode, the object is to select tile pairs that add up to ten. In Freecell mode, you can move up to two tiles out of the way into a special "reserve" area. And in Addiction mode, rearrange the tiles in numerical order.  Very cool!

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