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Marbles, Marbles, Marbles

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(Game Instructions Below)

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The object of the game is to collect sets of marbles.  A marble "set" is a group of identical marbles connected to each other by any of the four major compass points.The smallest set is two marbles.  The larger the marble set collected, the higher the score.
  • To play, click "New Game."
  • Select a set by clicking on one of the marbles in the set.  You will be shown how many points that set is worth.
  • If you wish to continue and collect the set, click on one of the marbles in that set again.
  • If not, click on any other marble on the board outside that set.  That deselects the set and you may choose another.
  • The game ends when no more marble sets are available.
  • There is an additional Marble bonus if you leave less than 5 marbles on the board.

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Thanks to EdStuff for this nifty game.

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