BlackDog's Arcade Games

Looking for action?  Choose your Game.
  • Adios Amoebas
    Wipe out the amoebas and win.
  • Basketball
    It's harder than you think to shoot the ball and get it in the basket.  Fun game.  A Java-enabled web browser required to play.
  • Break-A-Brick
    Play a nifty pong-type game with cool graphics.  Sorry, this one only works in Netscape.
  • Breakout
    This fun ping-pong game works with any Java-enabled web browser.  Keep the ball off the ground and track your score.
  • BlackDog's Bridges Game
    This game looks simple, but it's not.  It is less "shoot 'em up" and more strategy.  You create a red line from one side of the board to the other before the computer completes a blue line from the top to the bottom.
  • Catch Miss Kitty!
    Help BlackDog catch Miss Kitty!  She's a slippery cat, and there are bugs and monsters to watch out for, so beware!  NOTE:  This game might not work in early versions of MSIE.
  • Centipede
    Don't let the spiders get you!  A fun arcade game with action & sound.
  • Chain Reaction
    An interesting two-player strategy game.  The object of the game is to wipe out your opponent's stones, leaving only your stones on the board.  This is a Javascript1.2-compatible game that works with IE4, IE5 and Netscape4+.
  • Falling Stars
    Protect your grounded space ship from falling stars.  Neat sound effects!
  • Fish Race
    It's the Kentucky Derby for fish!
  • Frogger
    You must make it across the road then across the stream to reach the goal.  Works best in Internet Explorer.  Watch out...this one's addictive.
  • Galaxy Tag
    Guide your missile around to snap up the flashing stars.  A Java-capable web browser required to play.
  • Gopher Bash
    Bash those pesky gophers to save the turf.
  • Ice Blox
    Move the blocks of ice with the penguin to get points.  Similar to Pac Man game.  Cute.
  • Marbles
    Play this fun, addictive game of marbles.  How many points can you rack up?
  • Minesweeper
    Don't have Windows Minesweeper game on your computer at work or school?  Think again!  Play this JavaScript-powered version which acts just like the Windows version and even supports custom-sized grids.
  • Missile Command
    Protect your cities from incoming invaders.  Yowza!  This one's fun!
  • Moon Defender
    Your are the commander of a tank on a desert moon.  Aliens from Vraktu VII are attacking the base to steal its energy.  Defend the base.
  • Pinball
    Have fun playing this little pinball game.
  • Ping Pong
    Ping Pong is hard to win, but it's possible.
  • Pipe Dream
    In this game, you are a plumber.  Try to lay the pipe before a gushing stream of water overwhelms you.
  • Pixie Roundup
    Corral those pesky pixies into the center square.  See how fast you can do it, and in as few moves as possible.
  • River Tubing Shark Attack
    You wouldn't expect to find sharks in a river, but they are in this one!  Save yourself from shark attack as you float down the river on your tube.  If the sharks bite you, you lose!
  • Skeet Shoot
    Go skeet shooting.
  • Smack a Smiley
    The ever-popular Smack a Smiley game is back.  Have some fun abusing those pesky little smileys.
  • Tetris
    This is a javascript version of the classic game of Tetris.  You'll need either Netscape 4+ or Internet Explorer 4+ or the equivalent to play.
  • TRaceRS
    Cool car racing game.
  • Tux on the Run
    This little guy is funny!  He runs and jumps, gathers coins and other fun stuff.  Oh -- Don't forget to jump on the monsters.
  • UFO Attack
    Earth is being invaded by aliens.  Your missile auto-guidance systems are being jammed from space.  If the aliens land, earth is lost.  And you're in charge. . . .

Purchase a Game to Play Off-Line
  • Star Defender
    Enjoy the breathtaking graphics and professional music in this Space Invaders-like arcade game.  Vertical-scrolling space shooter with elements of Tyrian, Raptor and Demon Star - taste it all now!
  • Cubis Gold
    A simple, highly charged arcade/puzzle game that goes beyond 2D point-and-click games.  Cubis Gold's unique 3D board engages the player with colorful cubes that must be removed against the clock by matching three or more in a row, vertically or horizontally, not diagonally.  Score BIG with a chain that sets off another chain and you have a CUBIS!